What is Nanobody?
  • Heavy chain only, single domain antibody
  • It is naturally in the serum of camelidae (Camelid, Lama, Alpaca etc.)
Conventional Antibody
Heavy Chain Only Antibody
Conventional antibody Nanobody
Mechanism ADCC, Neutralizing antibody, Effector moiety
Affinity 10-9 ~ 10-12 Kd
Origin Mouse, Human Camelidae
Immunogenicity Need humanization High sequence homology with human (~80%)
Structure Heavy chain + Light chain double strand Heavy chain single strand
Size 150 kDa 10 ~ 15 kDa : Various targets
Solubility & Stability Low High : Various administration routes
Half-life in serum Fixed Controllable
Manufacturing High cost, system limited Low cost, system unlimited

NanoMab® is Shaperon’s proprietary nanobodies that contain the unique structural and functional properties of single domain antibody

Platform Technology
Immunization Alpaca immunization Immunizations specific to targets
Immune Library Medusa Library Technology High-Valency Library construction
HERA Panning System Technology High-Fidelity Multiplex Screening
λ Panning System Technology High-Throughtput Screening
Cell line RCB & MCB CHO cell line manufacturing technology Collaboration with Horizon Discovery Corp.