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  • NuPrin® for Inflammation-induced Skin Pruritus

    Atopy patients' itching and scratching aggrevate dermatitis by mechanical disruption of skin barrier.

    Various ingredients in classical ointments play roles as damage-associated molecular patterns that aggravate skin inflammation by interacting with pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) on skin innate immune cells.

    Shaperon's NuPrin® developed by novel formulation technology significantly suppresses itch sensation without triggering inflammatory responses in the skin that is shown by classical anti-pruritic drugs in the market.


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  • NuBoost® for immune enhancement in cancer patients.

    Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) are crucial in immunosuppressive environment in cancer patients.

    Conventional approach to remove MDSCs in cancer patients also poses higher chance of reducing the number of lymphoid cells causing more deleterious immunosuppressive status.

    Shaperon’s NuBoost® significantly decreases MDSCs without deleting T cells or B cells in a dose range far less than cytotoxic to other stromal cells.


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  • NuDC388® for DC-based immunotherapy in cancer patients.

    Tumor-associated antigen, TAA388, is a cancer stem cell marker.

    TAA388 fused with protein transduction domain enhances DC-based immunotherapy for patients carrying TAA388+ cancers.

    Shaperon’s NuDC388® significantly decreases tumor growth in mice model suggesting that caner stem cells could be killed by TAA388-specific cytotoxic T cells in patients with great effect.