• Next generation mAb therapeutics with high affinity, low immunogenicity, excellent stability, and various combination options

    • Conventional mAb

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    • Camelid heavy chain mAb

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    Conventional mAb NanoMAb®
    Mechanism ADCC, Neutralization, Agonist
    Affinity Kd 10-9 ~10-12M
    Origin Murine, human Camelid
    Immunogenicity Minimized by humanization High homology to humans
    *safety verified
    Structure Heavy and light chains Heavy chain only
    Size 150 kDa 10 ~ 15 kDa
    Solubility of ADC Low High
    Multi-targeting Max. 4 Max. 7
    pK profile Fixed Controllable
  • Novel modular protein drug platform with a variety of interacting domains and functional domains suited for diverse therapeutic purposes, which is highly homologous to human IgG.

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  • Sequence homology between NanoMAb® clone and 15 human VH3

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